Cast of Characters

Cast of characters

Ms. Future PharmD: Your illustrious author (most all of the time).  Pharmacy student in the US in a place where it snows.  PCOS diagnosis and secondary infertility, three early pregnancy losses, loves naps and video games.  In career 1.0, trained to teach English/writing/soforth and in career 1.5 considered teaching science before career 2.0 in pharmacy. M for short.  Wandering the twitterverse @MomPharmD

Spouse: Married to Ms. Future PharmD for quite some time now, primary family income (ok so only real income) bringer

Kid: 5 year old daughter of Ms. Future PharmD and Spouse. Known for avoiding bedtime and creating Lego sculptures

Little Monster: the lady baby who arrived in mid-February 2013 as a result of what I’d call a Hail Mary surprise natural pregnancy. Likes piano music, napping on people, and chilling in only a onesie.

Fluffinella: feline-in-residence with gender unspecified, known for causing trouble and eating poisonous plants while incurring no harm

Sibling: My sibling, a bit younger than me, recently attached to Sib-In-Law (squee!)

Brother-in-law: Spouse’s brother, married to Sister-In-Law.  They share a feline child who hasn’t stopped being a kitten in nearly 8 years and is now a deadly 14 lb cannonball kitten.


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